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M / S Øya is one of the few surviving scheduled boats that still run on a regular schedule in the summer. For the Season 2022, we will put into operation M / S Øya (4) and it has a capacity of 99 passengers. It is thus much larger than Øya that went in 2021. The boat has a large saloon on the lower deck and this is enclosed and can be used if there is a little rough weather. The main deck, which is open, but the possibility of covering with tarpaulin has a capacity of 60 people and there is also room for approx. 30 people on the front deck.

On scheduled services, we serve drinks and have a license to serve beer and wine.

You can download route maps here (times and prices are not updated).

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Frequently asked questions

We now have a section with frequently asked questions that we hope<br>
will answer some of the questions you may have.

How many passengers does each boat take?

Blindleia Charter operates the following boats:
M/B Øya – 99 passangers
M / S Lillesand Inter 7700 Fisherman 24 feet – 9 passengers
M / S Ågerøy – Windy 32 feet – 9 passengers

Is it possible to rent?

Rental of our boats can be arranged by email:

other inquiries

For other inquiries, feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Do you have trips all year round?

No It is seasonal and start-up and end-of-season may vary, but more information to come.

Use information before departure

Remember that there are limited places due to the pandemic so it is important to book your trip well in advance so that you and yours can secure a place.

You may also want to meet well in advance of departure. Arrival +/- 5 – 10 minutes. * Arrival on signal.

Other booking options

Send us an email: or order by phone 95 93 58 55